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01.12.06 (1:47 pm)   [edit]

Tupac's given name was Lesane Parish Crooks. He was the son of Afeni Shakur (government name Alice Fay Walker).Afeni(a member of the black panther)was pregnant while she was in prison because she was charged with conspiracy to bomb several public areas.

In her cell she patted her belly and said"This is my prince. He is going to save the black nation." By the time Tupac was born on June 16, 1971, Afeni had already defended herself in court. From childhood, everyone called him the"Black Prince." For misbehaving, he had to read an entire edition of The New York Times and read about Malcom X(1925-1965, African American activist whose ideas about racial problems in the United States had an important influence on black...)

Tupac Amaru Shakur was named after an Inca Indian chief, "Tupac Amaru" means "Shining serpent" and "Shakur" means "thankful to god" in Arabic.

Tupac had a hard life..no father,no money,no one to help him out.He helped himself by reading, he had the desire to stand up and make money, he never wanted to be famous, all he wanted is some money to live and help others around him.

Tupac was distressed. "I remember crying all the time. My major thing growing up was I couldn't fit in. Because I was from everywhere. I didn't have no buddies that I grew up with." As time passed, the issue of his father tormented him. He felt "unmanly," he said. Then his cousins started saying he had an effeminate face. "I don't know. I just didn't feel hard. I could do all the things my mother could give me, but she couldn't give me nothing else." The loneliness began to wear on him. He retreated into writing love songs and poetry. "I remember I had a book like a diary. And in that book I said I was going to be famous." He wanted to be an actor. Acting was an escape from his dismal life. He was good at it, eager to leave his crummy family behind. "The reason why I could get into acting was because it takes nothin' to get out of who I am and go into somebody else."
When Tupac was 12 years old, his mother enrolled him in Harlems 127thSt Ensemble. He played Travis in "A Raisin in The Sun" in his first acting role.

Tupac was first inspired to rap when a friend of his was killed while he was playing with a gun. His first rap was about gun control.
Tupac studied drama at Baltimore's School For The Arts, where he rapped under the name MC New York.As a young man, Tupac also studied ballet and danceWhen he first moved to California.Tupac continued his career on Tommy Boy Records with Digital Underground.

In 1992, Shakur entered a most fruitful five-year period. He broke free of D.U. and made his solo debut, 2Pacalypse Now, a gangsta rap document that put him in the notorious, high-speed lane to stardom. That same year he starred in Juice, an acclaimed low-budget film about gangs which saw some Hollywood success. In 1993, he recorded and released Strictly 4 My N.I.G.G.A.Z., an album that found Shakur crossing over to the pop charts

The same year, Shakur played a single father and Janet Jackson's love interest in the John Singleton film Poetic Justice. In November of 1994, he was shot five times during a robbery in which thieves made off with $40,000 worth of his jewelry. Shakur miraculously recovered from his injuries to produce his most impressive artistic accomplishments, including 1995's Me Against the World, which sold two million copies, and the double-CD All Eyez on Me, which sold nearly three million. As his career arc began a steep rise toward fame and fortune, Shakur was shot (most say suspiciously) and killed after watching a Mike Tyson fight with Death Row Records president Marion "Suge" Knight. Though his death was a jolt to his fans and the music community, Shakur himself often said that he expected he'd die by the sword before he reached thirty. Following his passing, Shakur's label released an album, The Don Killuminati, under the pseudonym "Makaveli" The cover depicted Shakur nailed to a cross under a crown of thorns, with a map of the country's major gang areas superimposed on it. In January of 1997, Gramercy pictures released Gridlock'd, a film in which Shakur played the role of a drug addict to mostly good reviews. His final film, Gang Related, was released in 1997, and Death Row is said to have several unreleased recordings in the vaults for potential future release.

[Bold words is his albums and movies he did]

[Another pic i did using photoshop..i spent WHOLE night doind it..hope u like it]

[Thanks to Backaholism for the idea..she told me about it..coz i was out of ideas and thanks for her help in this biography..]


posted by: sweetsue (reply)
post date: 01.12.06 (2:56 pm)

really fantastic! awesome info...and your graphics are really very good..you just such talent maka.

posted by: Makaveli (reply)
post date: 01.12.06 (3:18 pm)

Reply to: sweetsue
Thanks sweet..glad that u liked it..well i'm really amazed how ppl like my pics..i feel great..:)

posted by: CrazyBeautiful3 (reply)
post date: 01.12.06 (8:15 pm)

Huh I didn't know any of that. But you know what if someone ever asked me anything about him I could tell ya a little bit now. So I'm gonna say thanks. And you really are doing an awesome job on those pics. If sent you some could you make me something like that? I think that would be cool to have of my niece.

posted by: Makaveli (reply)
post date: 01.13.06 (12:08 am)

OMG..is my pics really nice..?..well i'm really glad u liked it..and sure i would love making pics for ur niece..send them to me..and i'll do the best i could..:)

posted by: VodkaB (reply)
post date: 01.13.06 (10:12 pm)

Really great stuff :)
il be back for more :D

posted by: Makaveli (reply)
post date: 01.14.06 (9:51 am)

Reply to: VodkaB
Thank u..and u r always welcomed..:)

posted by: Blackaholism (reply)
post date: 01.19.06 (5:24 am)

Guess it turned out well in the end, didn't it? I love it. It's great..and very thorough..I enjoyed it. Great work Maka..as usual. And anytime..hehe, I didn't do anything..cute piccie..well done..very well done. =)

posted by: Makaveli (reply)
post date: 01.19.06 (6:06 am)

Reply to: Blackaholism
OFCOURSE it turned out good..guess why..coz its ur idea..hehe..and how come u didn't do anything..that Malcom X part who told me about it..and the whole post is ur idea..thank u really..i feel GREAT when ppl like my work..thanks..:)

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